The objectives of student information system is to allow the administrator of faculty of management studies and commerce find out the academic details of a student and allows the student to keep up to date his profile. It’ll also facilitate keeping personal records and academic records such as course registration, examination results, overall grade point average(OGPA). So all the information about an student will be available in a few seconds. This is a  application we can see all the year’s result in a single sheet and a choice of viewing the students result separately is also possible. The Student information system is developed in Laravel Framework. The Student information system is helpful in generate students result and send the results instantly via email and SMS. This is system will utilized for make results, managing programme, managing subject and put student result online.

Feature of Student Information System

  • Student can get result by login to the system 
  • Students will get the results instantly via email and SMS notification.
  • Student can download Result in PDF format. 
  • This is Multi User System, One Admin User and Admin user can create number of Sub-user. 
  • Admin user can see analytics data of total number of result publish, total exam data, total student data, total subject data and total programme data. 
  • Admin user can Add Edit and Delete Results 
  • Admin user can enable and disable the status of Results under this System. 
  • Admin user can Add New Subject in particular programme and he or she can also edit or remove Subject data also. 
  • Admin user can Add, Edit and Delete Student data. 
  • Admin user can Enable and Disable the status of student.
  • Admin user can Add, Edit and Delete Exam data. 
  • Admin user can disable the login of sub user and he or she can also enable the login of sub user also. 

The package was designed in such a way that future modifications can be done easily.  Automation of the entire system improves the efficiency. It provides a friendly graphical user interface which proves to be better when compared to the traditional way file system. It gives appropriate access to the authorized users depending on their permissions. It effectively overcomes the delay in communications. Updating of information becomes so easier. System security, data security and reliability are the striking features. The System has adequate scope for modification in future if it is necessary. 


Web Technology

Laravel Framework (PHP), MySQL Database, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap 4 Framework 
This online system will reduces paper work that permits admin to manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner in generating a clear view of student records. This system is designed using modern system. modern system architecture to cope with changing requirement. This web based can further be implemented as a mobile app which can be accessed by the parents to keep track of their academic performance more easily

Admin User Sample User Interfaces

Enrollment Overview
Enrollment Overview

Send Email/SMS to students

System Log

Queue Management

Course List

Email Applications

Renewal of Registrations

Examination Overview

Students Search


Student Profile (Dark Mode)


Student User - Sample UI



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