Head - Department of Information and Communication Technology,Sri Lanka-German Training Institute. (03/07/2017 – 01/07/2020)

  1.  Running the department (active leadership) to ensure quality and efficiency.
  2. Working closely with the Deputy-Principal/Academics and the Registrar (Director Student Affairs) according academic and admission matters. Assist the other members of the management team in the task of maintaining high employee morale, a good team spirit and ideal relationship between the Principals, as well as between lecturers, instructors, and any other staff.
  3. Maintaining general institute discipline and the overall operational stability, and integrity, for the professional image of SLGTI. Attending the monthly Management Meetings.
  4. Ensuring proper management and control of hardware and software so that equipment and facilities are always functioning in great condition.
  5. Monitoring and enforcing lecturers’/instructors’/Lab assistant’/student’ attendance and punctuality.
  6. Assisting the management and QA department in evaluating and supervising lecturers/instructors. Establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship, and conducting class observations.
  7. Coordinating and managing internal training programmes for all staffs (lecturers & instructors) in the department. This is to ensure that all lecturers and instructors have the right knowledge and ability in carrying out their daily duties in the classroom. Training proposal for a new academic term must be proposed and renew end of every current term.
  8. Planning and organizing examination by coordinating with Student Affairs department on all resources necessary for excellent standard examinations to be carried out - to keep-up the professional standard for examination at SLGTI.
  9. Creating and maintaining the course materials of the department in digital forms. Maintaining best status of all relevant digital information on the server* of SLGTI at all time.
  10. Teaching between 12 to 18 hours per week at SLGTI, and accomplishing all duties relating to this task, including the preparation of courses, taking attendance, setting of exams, grading, and the evaluation of educative performance.
  11. Providing a high quality education to all students, in order for them to attain high achievements within their own fields of study, and prepare them well for the job market and industry in Sri Lanka.